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Zunino Marmi, fair stand

Stand for Zunino Marmi – Fiera Host, Rho – Milano

Client: Zunino Marmi

Description: Creation of a stand at the Fiera Host, Rho, Milan.
The purpose of the project was to render the client’s philosophy and approach to matter, its passion for the stone worked by master craftsmen of the past combined with sophisticated modern technologies coupling marble to rigid, lightweight supports.

The stand was intended to consolidate the historical identity of Zunino Marmi by exhibiting its finely designed objects. The client’s continuous exploration of stone, expressed through many collaborations with other disciplines, led to the stand’s use of special leather upholstery created by one of the partners of Zunino Marmi, included to highlight the shadows cast by the various objects at the stand. The combination of leather and marble becomes the guideline of the project contributing to a strong and essential feeling of simplicity.

Area: 40 sq. meters

Services provided:

  • Design concept, definitive and executive designs

Designers: arch. Pier Paolo Angeleri / arch. Davide Bardini

Pictures by: Laura Fantacuzzi – Visit Website

Video making: Cafker Productions / Believe studio – Cristian Afker, Pierpaolo Valletto

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