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MIRABEAU Tower, Monte Carlo – private flat

Client: Private client

Description: this apartment is on the 20th floor of one of Monte Carlo’s loveliest high-rises. The design stemmed from the client’s wish to make abundant use of premium materials like marble/onyx.

The slabs of stone, already in the client’s possession, were used to cover the horizontal surfaces (flooring and ceiling) and walls. Given the flat’s limited area and height, the use of the material was fundamental in delineating design volumes. The bathroom, for example, is defined by two sculptural blocks delineated by the utilization of brecciated red onyx for one portion and of white onyx for the rest. The two blocks are conceptually separated by a passageway indicated by two sliding glass doors that mark access to the bathroom from the hallway and from the bedroom.
The kitchen was also divided into two specific blocks, here too on the basis of different materials: an aluminum technical block designed by Gaggenau closed off by a sliding door whose mirrored surface reflects the external panorama, and a sculptural block in marble with a spacious counter and made-to-measure sink covered in brecciated red onyx.
The bedroom is separated from the living room by a complex system of automatic sliding doors, space-saving and again faced in white onyx.
To fully valorize the splendid view of the sea Skyframe fixtures were used to separate the interior from the terrace. Skyframes make it possible to encase all the window- and doorframes in the revetment.
A lighting and electrical system based on domotics complete a modern design with echoes of antiquity that makes this mini-flat an authentic contemporary wunderkammer.

Surface: 70 sq. meters

Amount of work: € 500,000.00

Services provided:

  • Design concept, definitive and executive designs
  • Artistic direction
  • Tests

Work in progress

arch. Pier Paolo Angeleri / arch. Davide Bardini / arch. Daria Casasole

Arsdekor – General Contractor and Civil Works – Principautè de Monaco
Zunino Marmi – Marble tiles – Genova (GE)
Skyframe / Wiffa – Exterior window- and doorframes – Merano (BZ)
Marzero SAS di Marzero Claudio – Interior window- and doorframes – Cornegliano d’Alba (CN)
Due Erre Allestimenti di Rosato & C. – Carpentry works – Lauriano (TO)

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